Building Africa’s leading ethical Credit Manager

We reinvented the credit collection process to be customer-centric, ethical, and scalable. We’re helping 350,000 customers in Africa to be free of debt.

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Our Story

BFree was founded by digital lending professionals that were deeply unsatisfied with the established credit collection solutions in Africa. We focus our collection processes on sustainably leading customers out of debt by giving them back control over their finances.

What We Do

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Data-Driven Collections

We are data-first, leveraging Machine Learning to predict customer behaviour.

Customer-centric Collections

We find the solutions that work best for your customers by offering customized credit administration and communication processes.


We report to you the progress with every account so you can improve your credit scoring processes.

Progress and Self Development

We are constantly innovating our collection processes, so you can be sure that your collections are always a step ahead of state-of-the-art.

Success Fee-Based

Our approach works. Thereby we generally deploy a 100% commission fee structure with no overhead risk for you.

Our trusted Clients

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